Tensegrity Structure

Grasshopper scripted tensegrity structure apply to random surfaces.


~ by mu on May 6, 2010.

10 Responses to “Tensegrity Structure”

  1. Hi Mu,
    Beautiful images…..any chance you could give me your script for the tensegrity?????

  2. I have been researching tensegrity structures for the application of responsive architecture. I am immensely intrigued by your exploration through modelling it in grasshopper. Could I please request to have your definition??

    • Hi, there

      Sorry about the late reply but you can find my script download from my new blog entry. Thanks, hope you still find it useful.

  3. Your work is exceptional, you make the difficult look easy! I would like to open a page on you in the Tensegrity Wiki (http://tensegritywiki.com). Please send me your bio and other information. If you like to share your Grasshopper code with a wider audience let me know. Write me on gmail, my name is tensegritywiki. And keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Mu, I guess you must be very busy with so many cool projects. I’m also interested with your tensegrity scripts, can you please send me a copy? Thanks a lot!


  5. Hey Mu,

    Inspiring work, would you mind if you gave me the script for the tensegrity as well????

    • Hi, really sorry about the late reply, haven’t used wordpress for a long time. Please find the script in my new blog. Hope you find it useful. Mu

  6. hi, very cool structures!! i can’t find the script in your blog, please can you send me a copy of it?


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